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So I’ve never actually been a good blogger. Maybe it’s the lack of discipline in regular posting. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a science major and anything that smacks of humanities or liberal arts makes me cringe. However, despite my bad blogging background I am going to try blogging every Friday. I know there are a lot of people out there who want to stay updated on our life on Mission Year and since building relationships is what Mission Year is all about, blogging it is!

Everything seems to be rushing forward to when we leave for Atlanta (6 weeks!). We’ve met the couple we’re going to live with (via video chat), we’ve raised 76% of our support, and we’ve begun planning what things we’re going to take to Atlanta, what things we’re going to store, and what things we’re going to get rid of. This week I’ve started trying out some recipes I’ve invented that use a lot of dried grains and legumes and other really cheap ingredients. Since we’re not going to have much money for food I want to come prepared. Grant is a little skeptical as he doesn’t believe that cheap food can be tasty and delicious. I am going to do my best to prove him wrong!

I’m getting excited as we get closer. This past week we went to the east coast for our friends’ wedding and we met a lot of people that we’re involved in organizations like IJM, Intervarsity, and the Simple Way. The conversations I had reminded me a lot of the conversations I had back at UCLA with Intervarsity. I met one guy who was a part of the Simple Way (as in Shane Claiborne’s group) and he gave me a copy of the Irresistible Revolution which I finished before the end of our trip. I also read the controversial “Love Wins” by Rob Bell on the trip too. Everyone that I met, all the books that I read, every conversation I had reminded me about why I was doing Mission Year in the first place: to pursue justice, reconciliation, and the heart of Jesus himself! I can’t wait!

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