In SoCal

I’m in Southern California for my sister Megan’s wedding!!! This week has been very nostalgic. I drove my car down on Monday and Tuesday and  I stayed with my high school best friend, Jilee, on my way down. We had some amazingly deep conversation and it was really cool to reminisce over how much we had changed in the past 15 or so years and all the cool things God is doing in our lives. I’ve REALLY been enjoying the fantastic weather and the spectacular driving skills and I’ve loved talking about Mission Year with my family and old friends.

I’ve basically just been spending my time doing whatever my sister needs me to do and it’s been wonderful. When two people get married with the complete love and support that Megan and Carlos are getting from their families and friends, the wedding turns into such a beautiful process. I keep thinking back to our wedding 2 years ago and how much I felt loved by all the hard work people invested in our wedding and by how far so many people traveled to be there. Seeing how the same things are happening for my sister makes me unspeakably happy. Not a lot of money is being spent here but a whole lot of love is. As Grant says, “God LOVES weddings!” And speaking of Grant, he’s getting here tomorrow!

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