Yesterday, while sitting at the front desk of Emmaus House, I got a call from Charlotte. Charlotte is the After-school program director. “Tell Debbie and Emily that you all need to come with me to pick up the kids because Jimmy Johns in Decatur is giving out subs for $1 but we need to get there by 3pm.” So I round up Debbie and Emily to go pick the kids up from school, something I had never done before. We got to the school and the kids come piling in not thinking much about the fact that all three full time tutors are also on the bus. As Charlotte began driving the kids realized that we weren’t going the normal direction. “Where are we going?! Where are we going?!” the kids ask. “We’re going back to Emmaus House of course,” we say with a smile. “No we’re not! No we’re not! Where are we going?!” We tell them they’ll have to wait and see. They didn’t take that answer very well. Soon, however, the kids decided to sing a song together. But not your ordinary camp song. Instead they sang, all of them, at the top of their lungs, “BABY GONNA LOVE YOU DOWN! THERE’S SO MANY WAYS TO LOVE YA! BABY I CAN BREAK IT DOWN! THERE’S SO MANY WAYS TO LOVE YA!” This was hilarious to me. Most elementary school kids I’ve known don’t even know who Usher is. We finally pull up to the Jimmy Johns and the kids are pretty excited to get sandwiches, but there was a huge line that we had to wait in. Outside. In 50 degree weather. As we were standing there, the kids discovered that my cream colored fleece hoodie was ridiculously soft. (Many people have discovered this, most notably Linsy H.) So the kids all decided to cuddle me from all sides. As I am an avid cuddler myself this was actually quite pleasant. Once we got inside I helped 5 year-old, Peter, the youngest of the ten kids, order his ham and cheese sandwich. Then I got to order my own sandwich! (Never refuse free food on Mission Year) I also got a soda. Then I sat at a booth with the three boys in the program who happily wolfed down their food as growing boys should. They were shocked that anyone would willfully order a vegetarian sandwich as I had done. It was a good outing. As little Peter sitting next to me declared, “It is SO GOOD to to eat FOOD!”

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    love it.

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