We’re In Atlanta!

For the weekend. We won’t actually move in until October 3rd. But the people we are going to live with are moving in right now. I am in what will be our bedroom in what will be our apartment! The apartment is has plaster walls, old wood floors and old moulding that remind me of 449 Landfair (my residence at UCLA). The kitchen is awkward shaped but is DEFINITELY better that 449. For one thing it has a DISHWASHER! Yes. I thought I’d have to hand wash my dishes this year but apparently not. 🙂 Also there is a self-cleaning gas stove (Yes, Rebecca M. Self-cleaning). The best part is that there is central air conditioning, another item I thought I’d have to live without. There is also plenty of storage. We kind of like it! Also, since it is attached to Emmaus house there is an alarm system for the apartment. We thought our mothers would like to hear that!

Last night we went to the grocery store to buy food for the weekend. We were supposed to buy $20 worth of food for the weekend and $20 worth of staples that would last longer. We succeeded! However, after my bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and my one chicken sandwich I think I need to be content with not stuffing myself until I’m satisfied. It definitely gives you a different perspective on food when know you have to make what you have stretch for the whole weekend.

Today we learned how to use the public transportation. We were definitely the only white people on the bus. Even though we’ve been going to Mt. Zion Baptist Church for the past year, we still weren’t the ONLY white people. This will take some getting used to.

Gotta go now. We’re attending the kick off meal with the rest of the Mission Year Team who just got in today. Until next Friday!

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  1. Nancy Jenks says:

    Thanks Shannon, this mother is indeed very happy to hear that (about the alarm system…). So happy to hear a bit about your trip so far… love to you both!

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