I told you I was a bad blogger! I promised every Friday and now I’ve missed two. 🙁 Oh well. At least I’m blogging now!

Right now we’re in a period of CRAZY transition. Half our belongings are packed up. This Friday some girlfriends and I painted the apartment back to white. (You girls are AMAZING and I’m going to miss you all so much!) Right no I’m packing up my car to drive down to SoCal tomorrow for my sister’s wedding next Sunday. I’m then going to leave the car there and fly back to finish packing to leave Washington state September 30th.

I kind of feel homeless right now. I walk into our apartment and instead of being greeted by warm sunny yellow walls and pretty happy pictures, I’m greeted by stark white walls and an empty bookshelf. There are piles of stuff that stress me out and a lot of decisions about what to take to Atlanta, what to store, what to give away. Even though we’re not leaving for 12 days I feel like our home has already left us.

Today was our last day at Mt. Zion Baptist church and I nearly cried. Everyone was so excited for us and wished us well and gave us lots of hugs. It feels so sad to be leaving something that has been so welcoming and uplifting to us only to be moving to a place with so many unknowns. At least I have Grant with me. I’m really looking forward to finally being in Atlanta with all this transition behind us so I can focus again!

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  1. Grant says:

    And I’m glad I have Shannon!

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